Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunburst Motifs
An ancient design motif that is still very popular today is the sunburst.  Looking through home furnishings catalogs recently, I noticed many different examples of this sunny design element.
The sunburst has always denoted wealth, power, prestige, prosperity and happiness.  It's no wonder
that it continues to be a dominant motif in architectural and interior design.  Most often, I  see sunburst mirrors used as the main focal point on the wall of a room.  The following photos offer striking examples in a living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom where they give an eye-popping impact to the spaces.

Traditionally made in metallic gold finishes, they can be very effective in other colors as well. The following examples seen in white, turquoise and silver are just as dramatic and bold. They reflect more of the color scheme of the rooms rather than a contrast as in the previous photos.
Most often displayed as a single item, the sunburst mirror can be beautifully displayed in a collection as in the photo below.  The wall arrangement gives visual excitement to the room while keeping to
the neutral color scheme of the furnishings.
I love to see the sunburst motif used as decorative elements in a wide variety of home furnishings.  It can be both classical and whimsical when used in carpets, upholstery fabrics, pillows , artwork and furniture design.  The following photos confirm the abundant selections available to the homeowner today. 
If you're wanting to add drama, sparkle and a joyful spirit to any room of your home, add a sunburst motif and feel the space come alive.

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